Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Cannabis Record Suspensions

New laws have made it easier and cheaper to get a record suspension if you have a conviction for simple possession of cannabis. 

A record suspension used to be called a pardon. Neither name is accurate. Your criminal record remains but is set apart from other criminal records in the Canadian Police Information Centre database. Your record suspension can be revoked or considered invalid for a variety of reasons. 

Even if it is a current and valid record suspension, the legislation only requires federal agencies to respect it. Provincial and municipal organizations may not recognize it. Other countries are not bound by it, so it may not ease entry across borders, and indeed may complicate it. 

The implications and processes of record suspensions are far more complicated than they appear at first blush. Maybe you have already attempted an application - only to have abandoned it in anger and frustration. Still, a record suspension may be right for you. I can let you know and give you important tips for a successful application. Call me to arrange an appointment at 613.203.4874.