Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

The Basics - Christian Law Offices, Ottawa

I help clients who may be facing criminal, driving and tax offences or who may be under investigation by police, CRA, or other agencies. I will defend you against government prosecution; negotiate with the police and crown attorneys to avoid, reduce or withdraw charges; and provide you with legal advice and strategy through consultation.


Tell me the facts and your impressions of your situation. I will explain how the law applies, provide you with professional recommendations, and suggest next steps. I can help you make the most of our meeting by sending you information in advance, and providing a written summary afterwards. You can opt for my same-day phone Express Consultation Service for urgent matters. Fees: flat fee to be quoted in advance.


You may find the legal system to be a confusing and intimidating minefield, which it is to most people. But by negotiating on your behalf, I ensure you receive all your legal protections. Even more, as a skilled negotiator, I navigate encounters with police and prosecution so you can avoid charges, or have charges withdrawn or reduced.  Fees: fees to be quoted in advance; payment plans available.


If you are summoned to court, you'll benefit from my advocacy skills. Having litigated extensively both as a defence lawyer and as a crown prosecutor, I have unique insight to help you to get a successful result in your case.  Fees: fees to be quoted in advance; payment plans available.

Office operations have been affected by the pandemic. Please call to inquire about an appointment: (613) 203-4874

Communications between you and I are confidential from the first telephone call. Your privacy is granted certain protections through the principles of solicitor-client privilege, client confidentiality, my professional duties, and my office privacy policies.

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