Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Seniors with Criminal Law Problems in Ottawa

My criminal law practise frequently involves older people as clients. As we age, we may have special challenges that can land us in hot water with the law. This applies even to people who have so far lived long lives without attracting any criminal record.

Typical issues that lead to criminal or quasi-criminal charges (such as traffic or tax offences) include the following:

  • alcohol abuse problems
  • lifestyle pressures to continue doing tasks even when they become difficult – such as driving
  • depression and mental illness, aggravated by pain, isolation, relationship problems and/or loss of loved ones
  • cognitive and physical impairments from taking a variety of prescribed drugs to control medical conditions
  • cognitive impairments from recreational drug use
  • coping with major changes in life, such as moving into a different type of home and losing independence, and, my favourite...
  • finally getting caught for something illegal done when younger.

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