Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Checklist: Do You Need a Lawyer?

1. Your head is spinning just thinking about the problem. You can't get an intellectual grasp on it. When this happens, it is usually because you are missing some underlying premise about your situation. I can explain to you what is missing, and then you will be clearer about the problem before making decisions on next steps.

2. Your stomach feels queasy when you think of the problem. This is your intuition speaking to you.

3. You ask your friends and family for their opinions, and the opinions are varied; really not helpful.

4. Someone is contacting you asking for your involvement. Maybe an investigator who wants to ask questions. Or, maybe you have been served with legal documents such as a summons.

5. The feeling that you have misread a situation and have dug yourself into a hole with your words or actions is all over you like a cheap suit.

6. Your principles are offended.

7. You feel unfairly targeted or persecuted. And maybe you are.

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