Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Four Essentials to Consider When Charged with an Offence

1. Do you know all the ramifications to pleading guilty? They may include jail, a license suspension, a criminal record, and much more. Don't be caught by surprise on sentencing day, as are many self-represented people.

2. Do you know what is involved in having a trial? A trial includes delays, financial costs, possibly the practical necessity for you to testify under oath, and so much more. There are several ways to conduct a trial, some of which minimize the difficult impacts on you.

3. Do you know what your chances are of winning a trial? I can put it into a reliable percentage for you and then you can assess your own risk tolerance.

4. Do you know how, when, and whether, to negotiate a settlement of your case? Negotiating takes time, skill, and objectivity, but can provide excellent results.

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