Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Being Thrown Out

People often express to me their mortification and indignation at having been barred or banished or told to leave from somewhere by another person. It was prompted by their behaviour that was not criminal, but broke someone's rules or boundaries in a work, residential, domestic, or leisure setting. Being figuratively tossed is just a normal part of societal friction. Nonetheless, being told to leave can be an emotional event – sometimes for both the one asking and for the one asked. It may result in assaultive or threatening behaviour on either or both sides. Criminal charges or civil actions may follow – again, on either or both sides.

When you are asked to leave, some legal issues you can consider are:

Does the person asking you to leave have the right to do so?
If so, do they have the right to enforce their demand?
If so, by what methods?
How should you respond and what are your remedies?

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