When Family Matters Become Criminal

*this article was updated October 27, 2022

Many people ask me for help with their family law matters, even though my expertise is in criminal law. Relationship breakdown can quickly turn into the type of case I take on. Your breakdown may lead to investigations and even charges against you.

Signs to watch for include:

  • your ex has called the police on you, probably more than once;
  • your ex has reported you to child welfare authorities;
  • your ex has reported you to the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • your ex has reported you to animal welfare authorities; or,
  • your ex has contacted your boss, your parents, or the person you are currently seeing.

It can feel quite unbelievable that you find yourself in this situation. Maybe you are even the one making the complaints against your ex! Early legal advice can be helpful when you see signs of conflict escalation such as these, regardless of which side you are on. 
If you have family law proceedings underway while there are criminal allegations against you or while you have made a complaint against your ex, I can coordinate with your family lawyer to strategize the legal processes in both family court and criminal court, advise on the admissibility of evidence in each proceeding, and I will have your back at each stage. 
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