Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Taxes and Criminal Law

*this article was updated February 13, 2024
To order my paper Tax Tips from a Criminal Defence Lawyer, please see instructions at the end of this introduction. 
Intro: Something special about my legal practice is that I combine criminal law defense work with tax law. In fact tax lawyers as well as individuals and corporations have hired me to give a criminal law perspective on their tax cases. 
If you are facing an investigation or charges under such legislation as the Income Tax Act or Excise Tax Act, or think you might be, I can help you. While I represent people who are facing almost any type of investigation or charge, I have a paper to offer you called Tax Tips from a Criminal Defence Lawyer. It covers two common tax issues that can affect everyone - Tax Avoidance, and Audits. And even contains a custom poem by Canadian author Brian Doyle. 
"As always, informative and practical."

Important points about representation by me for your Canadian taxation matters:

  • I am an independent sole practitioner, with no attachments to governments. Profit from my expertise in criminal and tax law, as well as my knowledge of civil actions and of governments. Tax matters can intersect with criminal law, civil law, regulatory law, and public policy.
  • I negotiate for you with investigators and prosecutors, and I advocate for you in court if necessary.
  • Privacy between you and I is protected at the highest level in Canadian law. Communications between us are subject to solicitor-client privilege. The Canada Revenue Agency cannot require me to hand over your file to them. Your file with me is virtually impossible for any third party to obtain, including the government or your employer.
  • I know case law, legislation, and the rules of evidence and procedure. If you have concerns, such as the possibility of criminal charges being laid, talk to me.
  • If you are currently dealing with an accountant, I can speak directly to them about your case, to ensure a consistent strategy and a proper division of roles and tasks. 
To order my paper Tax Tips from a Criminal Defence Lawyer, or to book an appointment to discuss your tax or criminal-related legal matter, phone me at 613.203.4874, or reach me through the contact form at my main website.