Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

The Basics - Christian Law Offices, Ottawa

I help clients who may be facing criminal, driving and tax offences or who may be under investigation by police, CRA, or other agencies. I will defend you against government prosecution; negotiate with the police and crown attorneys to avoid, reduce or withdraw charges; and provide you with legal advice and strategy through consultation.


Telephone meetings are available, in addition to in-person meetings. Tell me the facts and your impressions of your situation. I will explain how the law applies, provide you with my recommendations, and suggest next steps. You can opt for my same-day Express Consultation Service for urgent matters.


As a skilled negotiator, I navigate encounters with police and prosecution so you can avoid charges, or have charges withdrawn or reduced.


If your case is in court, you'll benefit from my advocacy skills. Having litigated extensively both as a defence lawyer and as a crown prosecutor, I have unique insight to help you achieve a successful result in your case.

Communications between you and I are confidential from the first telephone call. Call me at 613.203.4874. Check out my main website by clicking here.