Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

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I have been publishing newsletters, on mostly criminal law topics, for well over a decade. These contain original content and are sent directly to subscribers. The content is sometimes published to my legal blog, but more often not. Even when the newsletters inspire blog articles, the newsletter is the 'Director's Cut'. Just a bit edgier. Recent topics have included:

Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record

Arrested and in Custody – Tips if it's You

My Favourite Disclaimers

Private Prosecutions – DYI You are the Prosecutor!

Being Questioned by the Police

Common Pitfalls when Representing Yourself

Drafting a Legal Letter

Squeeze Seven things from a Legal Consultation

Here are some comments I have received from long-time subscribers:

"You write so well - one of the best newsletters out there..."

"You write a fine newsletter!"

"I am so thankful to receive Lisa's newsletters! They are chock full of practical and interesting tidbits!"

"Excellent advice in this newsletter..."

"I always enjoy reading your letters. They are all excellent. You are a very smart lady!"

"I have found your newsletter to be highly informative and helpful to me."

"I have written before to ensure you know how much I appreciate your newsletters, I always learn something."

"These missives are very good, Lisa. I enjoy receiving them."

"Your take on criminal law is truly unique, and valuable."

“I enjoy reading your newsletters both for the style of writing and the content - glimpses into a world I know little about.”

You can join the subscriber list to receive these newsletters directly to your email. Many subscribers have enjoyed being connected with a lawyer (me!) they come to know through the newsletters, and we often communicate through emails to comment on the topics or just to keep in touch. And when you need a lawyer, or need to refer someone to a lawyer, you will have all my contact information at your fingertips.
Here's how it works: Whenever I get inspired to write about something I think will interest my subscribers, which is approximately twice a month, I'll send the PDF newsletter as an email attachment in group emails, with subscribers BCC'd. So you don't actually see each other listed as subscribers. I can tell you that they include other lawyers, law librarians, journalists, artists, farmers, authors, medical practitioners, small and large business owners, high-tech and telecommunications workers, retired persons, community volunteers, work colleagues, former clients, friends, family, neighbors, people I've crossed paths with in various settings, and people I have never met but who have requested to join the list. Only at the end of 2020 did I decide to open it up to the world.

Of course I will never intentionally share your email, and you can unsubscribe at any time by reply email.

So, you are welcome to join the subscriber list. It's free. Sign up through the contact form on my main website by clicking here, or give me a call.