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Funny Sounding Court Applications That Can Win Your Case

Over time, the law grows and becomes more complicated. Various legal arguments, and applications that set out the procedures to raise those arguments, are developed and formally or informally named. The examples below were named after the parties in the cases of the leading precedents for the particular court applications.

K.G.B. Motion: brought by the prosecutor to admit what would otherwise be inadmissible hearsay evidence, based on reliability (this has nothing to do with the former Russian KGB)
Dawson Application: to cross-examine the person who provided grounds for a justice to issue a wiretap authorization

Mahon Application: a motion to exclude the prosecution's expert witness

Vetrovec Warning or Instruction: given by a judge to a jury regarding the bad character of a Crown witness

Stinchcombe Application: a motion for additional disclosure from the Crown

McNeill/O'Connor Application: to obtain third party records that are not available through regular disclosure

Scopelliti Application: to obtain evidence of a third party's bad character

Carosella Application: a request for a stay of prosecution based on lost disclosure

Corbett Application: to have your criminal record excluded from the evidence at trial

These are just a fraction of a number of important procedures that can help to win your court case. They give you an idea of how complex defending a criminal case can be, and why it is important to get legal advice and/or representation if you are charged. I can help you. Call me at 613.203.4874, and visit my main website