Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

2023 Legal Services Buyer's Guide, by Lisa Christian

One of the most common questions prospective clients ask is 'what is your hourly rate?' This Guide provides a more sophisticated method to hire a lawyer, including finding the lawyer, your goals at the first interview, learning about fee structures and retainer agreements, how not to get fired by your lawyer after all that, and getting second opinions. Information is packed into 13 PDF pages that you can use to avoid wasting your time and money, or prejudicing your legal case.

I never ask for feedback, cause no one likes to be asked for that. But here are early reviews: 

  • 'It's well done, great advice.'   
  • 'Great work!'
  • 'I always find your booklets to be very useful and to be very well organized.'
  • 'You're actually on to something very important, that is the interface between professionals and their clients.'

Assistance with any of the topics in the Guide can be had by booking a consultation. A copy of this Guide is included in your consultation fee upon request. You might also be interested in my Criminal Law by Defence Counsel (and former Crown Prosecutor) booklet. Book the consultation by phoning Lisa at (613) 203-4874, or use the contact form on my main website found by clicking here.