Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

A booklet: Criminal Law by Defence Counsel (and former Crown Prosecutor)

Criminal Law by Defence Counsel (and former Crown Prosecutor) is based on some of my most popular articles from legal blogs and newsletters I wrote for over 13 years. It is an insider's view from my position as defense counsel for over 30 years, and also as crown prosecutor for 2 years. This is the 2023 version. Volume 1 is 22 pages long. Volume 2 is 16 pages. They cover topics such as: 

  • how family law and criminal law intersect (Vol 1)

  • ways to find yourself unwittingly in trouble with the laws in Canada
    (Vol 1)

  • how to respond to situations where you have been accused of  transgressions (Vol 1)

  • when tax avoidance becomes tax evasion and ends up in criminal court
    (Vol 1)

  • signs to watch out for when you are being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (Vol 1)

  • how to use hearsay evidence to win your court case (Vol 1)

  • details on how to negotiate an amazing plea bargain that will continue to help you for the rest of your life/how not to mess up negotiating a plea bargain (Vol 1)

  • when it is illegal for the police to pull you over when you are driving (Vol 1)

  • how to use legal jargon correctly (Vol 1)

  • racial profiling defined and why it is a brain twister for judges (Vol 2)

  • arrested and in custody - tips if it's you (Vol 2)
  • defamation (Vol 2)
  • eight ways to win a criminal case (Vol 2)
  • four essentials to consider when charged with a criminal offence (Vol 2)
  • mediation (Vol 2)
  • common pitfalls of representing yourself (Vol 2)
  • humiliation and the criminal law (Vol 2)
  • witnesses in criminal courts (Vol 2)
  • religious communications privilege (Vol 2)

Assistance with any of the topics in the Booklet, or any criminal law related topics, can be had by booking a consultation. One or both volumes of this Booklet are provided free with legal consultations, upon request. You might also be interested in my 2023 Legal Services Buyer's Guide. Phone 613.203.4874, or reach me through the contact form on my main website by clicking here.