Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Consultation Process for Criminal (and other) Cases

* this article was updated on June 15, 2024 to add the 'special feature'

When you book a consultation I may ask you to send me documents prior to the appointment, such as a paper you may have received from the police or court telling you of your criminal charge and next court date. Or previous correspondence you may have had with the federal authorities regarding your legal matter. Or relevant emails to which you have access. Or a copy of the government application with which you need help. I'll let you know what to consider giving me in advance if you are comfortable doing so, or to bring to the consultation.

And I may send to you my very popular Pre-Consultation Worksheet. It contains 7 key questions to set us up for an excellent consultation. (Psssst - Ask for my entire complementary Client Kit, which contains additional useful information and resources - updated for 2024!)

At our meeting, whether in person, by phone, or virtually, I will help you define your legal problem, explain the relevant procedures, offer solutions, and describe further steps you could decide to take. Already know what you want to have happen? Great! I will try to make that happen, or find an even better solution.

Special feature: Will you need a little more time to process the information we cover at a consultation? Let me know and I'll book you an extra 15 minutes for no extra charge.

With over thirty years of practise, I've gained experience in many types of law. And each year I take numerous continuing education courses in various legal subjects (unbelievable how quickly the laws change!). Please go ahead and ask me your questions even if they are not criminal related - I'll let you know if I can help.

Did you know:

Communications between you and I are confidential from the first telephone call. Your privacy is granted certain protections through the principles of solicitor-client privilege, client confidentiality, my professional duties, and my office privacy policies.

Call me at 613.203.4874. I answer personally or it goes to my confidential voicemail and I'll return your message same day. Or use the contact form on my main website. Visit my main website by clicking here.