Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Are You in Ottawa Criminal Court or Under Investigation?

*this article was updated on January 20, 2024

If you are charged or under investigation by the government or police, you may be having some of the 22(!) thoughts below. You can speak to me about your worries, and I'll let you know which of these concerns are justified, and what I can do to get you the best possible result for your situation. The list is not exhaustive, and is not legal advice. Call me to discuss your particular case.

1. Worried about how charges will effect your family law situation regarding child custody or support payments?

2. Worried about losing your job, your professional license, or your ability to qualify for work such as government contracts? I can advise you on how to deal with your governing body, or to find/keep work when you are charged or convicted.

3. Police asking you to take a polygraph and you just aren't sure if you should? Talk to me about the law and legal ramifications of refusing or consenting to this. We will also look at what is the best strategic decision for your case.

4. Afraid of going to jail? There are many other sentencing options that may be available for you, and, you may be able to win your case and avoid a sentence altogether.

5. You have health issues that you fear will not be tended to while in prison?

6. Will you have to deal with not being able to travel?

7. Losing your driver's license? Driving offences and their consequences are very complex and need to be looked at thoroughly, so you don't get a nasty surprise.

8. Afraid that you will be shamed by media reports, whether the allegations are true or not?

9. If you are not a Canadian citizen, are you fearful of immigration consequences, such as losing your temporary resident status in Canada, or being deported? I offer a special consultation for this.

10. Are you concerned about not being able to sponsor someone to Canada?

11. Anxious that you won't be considered a candidate to adopt a child?

12. Worried about being allowed to be involved with your kids' activities as a volunteer?

13. Do you have physical challenges that you are afraid will not be accommodated while in prison?

14. Having to change your course of study because you can't pass a vulnerable persons criminal records check?

15. Might you get sued?

16. Will you lose your insurance coverage or will the premiums skyrocket?

17. What will happen to your credit rating?

18. Will you have to forfeit property to the government?

19. Will you lose your firearms license?

20. Will your name be registered in the DNA database?

21. Are you worried that you will be rejected from a seniors' residence if you have a criminal record?

22. Are you involved in politics or do you have an otherwise public profile?

In all of these situations, I can help you by listening to your concerns and providing you with reliable and accurate information, expert advice, and effective representation. Call me at 613.203.4874 or visit my main website by clicking here.