Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Representation by Ottawa lawyer Lisa Christian - Sample Cases

*this article was updated February 19, 2021, and is not legal advice

If you are not sure if your matter is something with which I could help you, please feel free to call me to discuss it (no legal fees for this chat). I work in many areas of the law; typical cases I handle include:

  • advice to victims and witnesses (I have extensive experience with victims and witnesses both as a former prosecutor and as defence counsel)
  • arrests and arrest warrants (including in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms)
  • assault (including police and partner assault)
  • border-crossing issues (including for vacation travel)
  • careless driving (especially where there has been an accident)
  • civil disobedience (recently winning a case when the action was statute-barred by a limitation period) 
  • civil litigation including estate litigation when fraud was alleged
  • commercial crime (also called by some 'white collar' crime)
  • contempt of court (including family court, superior court, and tax court) 
  • Correctional Service of Canada communications
  • criminal records (staying abreast of the changes in collection and management of this data)
  • dangerous driving (including hit and run, whether you have been caught yet or not)
  • domestic violence (very common)
  • drive with suspended license (could be a provincial charge, or under the Criminal Code of Canada)
  • drug offences (possession and trafficking)
  • elder abuse (the police have a whole section devoted to this)
  • employment applications requiring security clearances (including how to handle sensitive background checks)
  • extortion (including the use of the internet)
  • fail to appear in court (there are many defences available)
  • fail to stop at the scene of an accident/fleeing from police (watch out for civil liability)
  • firearms offences (including licence revocations)
  • forcible confinement (commonly laid charge for even the shortest of detentions)
  • fraud, including when acting as Power of Attorney (a client recently had her investigation file at the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee closed once I became involved)
  • Freedom of Information and Privacy Act requests (could be useful; could be futile)
  • general orientation to the Canadian Criminal Justice System (this can inform your next steps)
  • harassment (behaviour can easily reach this stage)
  • immigration issues (if you are on a visitor's visa, work or study permit, or have permanent resident status in Canada, being charged with a criminal offence carries additional serious consequences to your life)
  • impersonation (including through the internet)
  • impaired driving (often now linked with dangerous driving so the chances of a conviction are increased)
  • insurance fraud (careful...)
  • investigations into and charges against businesses or employees under provincial statutes such as the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000 (investigators have a lot of power here)
  • mischief (used as a catch-all offence)
  • motor vehicle accidents (including advice about your insurance)
  • obstruct justice (ironically, sometimes really mischief)
  • pardons/record suspensions (may be available even with numerous charges on your record) 
  • parole board hearings - all participants
  • peace bonds/restraining orders under section 810 or 810.2 of the Criminal Code (can be good or bad)
  • perjury (and how not to do it)
  • police complaints (get advice before you get started, or you may regret it)
  • private prosecutions (not getting satisfaction from the police?)
  • proceeds of crime (innocent people can lose their houses)
  • disciplinary sanctions against professionals by their governing bodies (P.Eng., RECO, CPSO, or others)
  • provincial offences including Highway Traffic Act
  • robbery (assault with violence equals robbery)
  • second opinions (in cases such as those involving The Canadian Medical Protective Association)
  • tax law (such as failing to comply with a Notice you received from the Canada Revenue Agency, tax evasion charges, audit investigations, Director's Liability, GST/HST, or failing to file your Returns)
  • theft (including in an employment/unionised context)
  • threats, including criminal harassment (often in a domestic context)
  • weapons and explosive offences (including when you didn't know it was a weapon)

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