Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Private Victim/Witness Assistance Program in Ottawa

I defend people who are charged with offences. I also represent victims and witnesses who want someone with my background on their side. Like my defense representation, this is a private service - it is not associated with government at all. I offer it as an alternative to, or in addition to, the various government or government-funded agencies that provide similar services. My program is different in these respects:

No conflict of interest
You may feel that your interests are in opposition to government or government-funded agencies. Since I am a private lawyer whom you retain (hire) directly, there is no conflict of interest.

Solicitor-client privilege to discuss evidence
Whereas some other agencies or organizations have a policy to not discuss the evidence of your case, we will discuss it in detail if you like. We can do that because our discussions are solicitor-client privileged.

Helping you to get charges withdrawn
Whereas other agencies will not usually assist you to have charges against someone withdrawn, I will help you with that if that is your goal. I am your legal advocate.

Drafting your Victim Impact Statement to be powerful
Unfortunately, many victims are terribly unsatisfied with how their VIS is treated in court. We can maximize its impact, within the parameters of the law.

Educating you as to how the legal system really works, emphasis on really
I provide an overview of the criminal justice system for you, with the aid of charts and other graphics. We will also review the civil law system and how it could impact you.

Preparing you to testify
I can prepare you to testify, even through role-playing if you like. Even victims are required to testify at times, and can be taken by surprise.

Other services that you may want
Such as attending court appearances with you; communicating on your behalf with the prosecutor, police, and other lawyers; dealing with media inquiries; and image consulting advice like what to wear for court.