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Client Kit - A service feature

*this article was updated on December 29, 2023

One of the outstanding features of my practice is the high level of traditional client service I provide. This includes access to me on my cell phone seven days a week, as many in-person or telephone meetings as you like, timely updates to you about your file, and no requirements for you to learn new software to interact with me.

The Client Kit is one of the service features I offer and it is available to all new clients. Here is a review:

Your Client Kit is catchy, acute, cusped, acicular prickly keen and craggy!

It contains information such as

  • how to reach me

  • how to prepare for our meetings

  • a discussion of fees 

  • the concepts of confidentiality and solicitor-client privilege

  • explanations of legal terminology you may encounter

  • links to other valuable resources I have created

  • a worksheet, checklist, and guide I have created for you that will help for sure!

When you book an appointment at 613.203.4874, let me know if you'd like a copy of the Client Kit. You can link to my main website by clicking here.