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Client Trauma and Health

I have successfully handled thousands of Ottawa cases over 30 years, mostly in the area of criminal law or matters that were related to criminal law, both as defence counsel and as a prosecutor. During that time there have been many changes to the laws and legal procedures, but the principles of providing a positive client experience have remained the same. As part of that, I create helpful resources for clients such as a paper on Client Trauma and Health. I describe it, and give instructions on how to order it, below.

Having a legal problem can be very traumatic, especially with the current long court delays and increasingly complex legal arguments.

'This is of great concern, for sure. Thank you for acknowledging this point!!!'

'Excellent and very thorough in terms of covering the needs of such persons.'

'It’s great of you to offer these additional services, and to be sensitive to these people and their trauma.'

'Really well written! Easy, engaging read.'

'I love that you recognize and support all the various emotions one would go through in such instances. Your help in that way is above and beyond.'

Based on my observation of my own clients, it is common for clients to experience a variety of reactions when going through the nightmare that the legal system can be.

This article looks at when in the process you can expect to encounter the most difficult periods, such as on court days obviously but clients can potentially experience trauma well after their case is over - even when they 'won'.

It also describes the common reactions experienced by clients at these difficult times.

Then the good news - what you can do for yourself to stay healthy and contribute to the best possible outcome for your case.

And, what I do for you. This could include offering you a calm and private environment to meet and discuss the evidence, providing written summaries of what we discussed so you don't have to remember it all, and ensuring that there is always time in my days for urgent appointments if you need them.

This 4-page paper is available to all of my clients and colleagues. Simply fill out the contact form on my main website found at this link, or call me at 613.203.4874.