Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Boomers and the Law

*this article was updated on January 8, 2024

My clients are usually older. Most are Boomers, as am I, and some are Gen X.

You may like to deal with people you can relate to in specific ways, and appreciate the experience a mature lawyer brings to your file.

As we age, we may have special challenges that can land us in hot water with the law. This applies even to people who have so far lived long lives without attracting any criminal record.

Typical issues that lead to criminal or quasi-criminal charges (such as traffic or tax offences) include the following:

  • alcohol and drug addiction issues

  • lifestyle pressures to continue doing tasks even when they become difficult – such as driving or managing money

  • mental illness, aggravated by pain, isolation, relationship problems and/or loss of loved ones

  • cognitive and physical impairments from taking a variety of prescribed drugs to control medical conditions

  • cognitive impairments from recreational drug use

  • coping with major changes in life, such as moving into a different type of home or losing independence, and, my favourite...

  • finally getting caught for something illegal done when younger.

People are not all alike, of course, but I offer the following options for those who may value them:

  • home visits when appropriate (these are very popular)

  • you are encouraged to involve your support persons – I'll give you guidance on how to do that while maintaining your privacy and solicitor-client privilege (you can request a copy of my newsletter right now called 'Solicitor-Client Privilege & Your Support Person')

  • avoid court appearances as I act as your agent and then report back to you, on the same day, verbally and in writing

  • you receive frequent 'status letters' explaining what has happened in your case to date and what are the next steps, if you want this service

  • invoices are detailed and regular, because we all like to know what our money is doing

  • referrals to related professionals who may help you as needed

  • hard copy materials and regular mail if you prefer not to use the computer

  • help with organizing your copy of your file, including providing free office supplies if you work in hard copy

  • larger font written materials

  • written directions to the office

  • free parking on a flat spot a few feet/metres from the ground floor office door with no stairs

  • offices and washrooms that are accessible for wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers; please specify when booking your appointment as I may make specific office arrangements

  • appointments of reasonable lengths of time

  • telephone reminders of our up-coming appointments.

Enduring legal problems is traumatic and even brutal for many people. This is especially so today when the legal system results in long delays and is a combination of virtual and in-person as a result of the pandemic. (Let me know if you would like to read my recent paper called Client Trauma and Health.) I can make your experience as painless and successful as possible for you. Call me at (613) 203-4874. I answer the phone personally. Or reach me through the contact form on my main website found by clicking here: