Including Criminal Code, Highway Traffic, Income Tax, and Regulatory Offences

Legal Fees - Let's talk about them!

*this article was updated on December 29, 2023

If you are like me, you look for transparency, fairness, and value when you are paying for a service. Below are some highlights about how I bill which help to provide those qualities. Feel free to contact me for a quote for your particular matter at 613.203.4874.

If you require a consultation or a handful of consultations, payment is straight-forward. I will let you know the fee in advance of you booking the consultation, and payment is usually by e-transfer or cash. I always provide receipts and in some cases you can claim the fees as deductions on your income tax.

Paying fees is more involved for a file which will be on-going because the fees can be significant and we both want to be clear on what the fees will be, how they will be paid, and when. We get this clarity by entering into a retainer agreement. It sets out such things as:

  • what services are covered

  • my hourly rate and an initial estimate for your case

  • how out-of-pocket expenses I incur on your behalf such as parking costs or expert reports are handled

  • methods of payment and payment plans.

Here are other things to appreciate about how I bill:

  • maintaining my fee rate over the course of your file – no annual rate increases, no rate increases ever.

  • sending timely and frequent invoices so you always know where your accounting stands.

  • explaining the services covered in each invoice so you know what you paid for.

  • only performing services that you have authorized me to do.

  • if you have a trust account with me, sending regular trust statements that show money in, money out, and balances.­

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